Jerry Forrester

Retired Special Agent FBI
Gerard “Jerry” Forrester, is the owner of JF-INVESTIGATIONS. Jerry retired in good standing as a Special Agent of the FBI in 2001. He is a District Constable of the Royal Bahamas Police Force and a Contract Investigator with the Security Division of the United States Department of Defense.

Jerry has 25 years experience handling and coordinating multi-agency, multi-national law enforcement operations in the Caribbean, Europe and Central America. He is used to dealing with Ambassadors, Judges, attorneys, officers and enlisted military personnel, private citizens and foreign officials.

Jerry’s vast knowledge of foreign matters and his wide array of contacts in the political and business arena enable him to investigate where others could only imagine being able to get information. Let his experience work for you in whatever issue or situation you are looking to have resolved.

Jerry Forrester -Retired Special Agent FBI awarded the FBI Star Medal

        Phone: USA: (352) 803-4861   Zephyrhills: (242) 422-0788