Other Services

If we don’t provide the service that you are looking for, we know who can! There are many varied reasons that people search out the assistance of a private investigator. Needless to say we do not cover every area of Private Investigation. In those cases where we don’t feel we’d be able to help, we’d be happy to put you in touch with those that can.

Here are the different areas of private investigation. Some of these areas we can help you with and others we will refer you to the proper firms.

Background Checks, Criminal and Employment History, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, cheating spouses, workers compensation, insurance claims, Security Consulting, Security surveys, Bug Sweeps, tapped phones, hidden cameras, asset search, bounty hunter, bug sweep, tscm, child support, child custody, civil search, computer forensics, crime forensics, corporate investigations, criminal information, domestic violence, due diligence, electronic data discovery, electronic surveillance, executive protection, bodyguard, fraud, identity theft, wrongful death, workers compensation, video surveillance, photo surveillance, trial preparation, repossession, public records, process server, process service, polygraph, lie detector, people locate, people locator, people search, person search, skip trace, bail bondsman, mystery shopper, missing persons, judgement recovery, insurance, infidelity, adulterer, philanderer, cheating, cheating spouse, cheating husband, cheating wife, affair, financial investigations.

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