Richard Shaffer

Richard M. Shaffer,
FBI Supervisory Special Agent, Retired
Charlotte, North Carolina
(704) 497-1410

Directed the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force program, for all investigative, intelligence and threat assessment operations in North Carolina.  Provided direct management of the FBI’s counter-terrorism intelligence collection apparatus in North Carolina in coordination with all state, local, federal law enforcement, military and civilian security communities. Assisted in the development of the North Carolina terrorism threat reporting fusion center.  Directed and managed all investigations of terrorist threats, financing mechanisms and reports of terrorist targeting of critical infra-structure and businesses domiciled and/or operating within the state.   Assessed and evaluated at-risk venues to include governmental, transportation, energy, technology, industrial and financial sectors.  Provided daily coordination with local, state, federal, and emergency management teams in preparedness training, response planning and critical incident management. Conducted annual threat assessments on all critical infrastructure sites in North Carolina that include three nuclear power plants, the Port of Wilmington, four major military installations, the second largest financial community in the U.S. and the largest technology center on the east coast.

Since retirement, operating as a security specialist/terrorism consultant for the Public Health and Maritime Sectors.


        Phone: USA: (352) 803-4861   Zephyrhills: (242) 422-0788